Lightworker Healings - Vibrational Chakra Healing - Westford, MA
Lightworker Healings - Resonance Massage/ Intuitive Healing

Energy Healings, vibrational tuning

Chakra/ DNA Attunements
Vibrational Resonance Tuning Forks 
Enerating at 194 Hz. 210. 136. 141. 126. 121. 172. & 528 Hz (DNA repair) resonate at optimal healing frequency, bringing the body into harmony and balance. Solfeggeo & Angelic frequencies are are also used by gentle application along key centers
of the body
Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies... 
Vibrational Resonance Massage helps to bring...

More clarity
A feeling of begetic & Vibrational Healing with specially tuned tuning forks vibring more alive
A feeling of being more grounded in your physical body
Vivid dreaming
quantum metaphysics, ascension, reiki, Better focus
Less fear
Better posture
Greater presence
Enhanced memories
Greater joy
Increased energy and endurance
Acknowledgement by others
Improved decision making
A reduction in stress levels
Deeper sleep
Access to spiritual insights
A feeling of being centered
Emotional release
Deep relaxation
Greater depth in meditation
A quieting of mind chatter
A reduction of muscular tension, spasms, and pain
A boost of creative thinking
Greater confidence
Alleviation from tension headaches caused by stress
A resonance of all body systems to their optimal operating frequency

Vibrational Massage is the perfect remedy for relaxation and awakening. Enjoy a full hour of soothing services to calm and rejuvenate all your bodies...physical.mental.emotional and spiritual! Sessions are done fully clothed on a massage table with gentle hand manipulation and tuning fork application on chakra & meridian centers.

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