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Making the Shift Vibrational healings are created just for you or your group!
Your personalized program is designed to help you to make graceful shifts in your life and be the creator of your future dreams.  Each workshop session includes a personalized Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set) for moving energy through the chakras and meridians, including a breath series and an accompaning meditation. Hypno-Visualization that helps change you from the inside and out, unifies with an energy healing session to heal your whole Self.  An Intuitive Reading  is included in each session. Leave with a "Light Program" designed especially for you or your group. This includes personalized affirmations, seed sounds, breath & chakra meditation & yoga to harness and manifest your goals. This 'lightwork' is given with guidance in inner language reshaping, to help you continue the effects of the session until your next appointment. Vibrational Healings, that can include color, light and sound, expand with the use of crystals and tuning forks. . Intuitive divination tools help Making The Shift a full body experience for all your bodies!....Physical, Mental Emotional and Spiritual!

Session structure:
Opening the Way/ 10 min.
Settting Intentions 20 min
Yogic Breath & Meditation 20 min,
 Hypno- Visualization & Vibrational Healing 10 min 
 Intuitive Reading & 'Light Bag' of tricks to go...

Or choose from other class or workshop combinations including:
Energy Healings (full body) & Unsi & Angel Reiki, traditional hypnotism (weight, smoking, confidence, school, sport) and/or Intuitive gentle hypnosis (past life regression, trauma freeze, Guides & Angel helpers, Pilates Mat * The Method, Yogic & Meridian Stretching, Kundalini Yoga,  Auric & Chakra Attunements, Life Recognition Ceremonies/ (honoring beginnings and passages), Nature & Spiritual Ceremonies, Seasonal & Holiday Ceremonies
Call 1-800-483-4307 or 978-692-0083 to schedule
Phone Sessions  45 min. mini- $50.  Full hour- $70.

Rates are subject to change depending on hosting location or ceremony.  Sliding scales and barters may be arranged. Please call Kathleen.


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